Peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending is an innovative concept in the world of finance which revolutionises the old way of banking. It makes it more transparent, more human and more efficient. Banks have traditionally used other people’s money, in the form of savings and deposits that earn low interest rates, to make loans to their other customers at much higher interest rates, earning themselves high levels of profits in the process Peer-to-peer lending divides these profits among the people who actually enable the lending process with their own money – the investors on our platform. Furthermore, bypassing the banks means that from the investors on our platform at much lower interest rates.

Better for everyone

Peer-to-peer lending makes it possible for people to lend the money they want to put aside as savings, directly to people who want to borrow money. By lending money directly to other people in this way, without going through banks and other expensive intermediaries, borrowers benefit from cheaper loans and investors earn much higher returns on their savings as they keep all the profits. Put simply, with p2p lending, everybody wins!


Borrow money at the lowest interest rates and under the best terms and conditions. You do not pay any hidden fees or charges and the terms and conditions will never change during your loan.

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Earn higher and more stable returns on your investments, with complete control over who you lend money to and on what terms. Not only do you earn more money, but you also help people borrow the money they need with cheaper and fairer loans, rather than helping banks earn higher profits.

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Time-tested lending model

In the U.K. peer-to-peer lending makes up more than 4% of the total market for loans and is still growing strongly. Even the British government has been investing in p2p loans to support local economies and promote innovation. In 2015, more than 10 billion USD was invested on U.S. p2p lending platforms, with major companies like Google, Blackrock and Santander all investing in this rapidly growing market. Today, peer-to-peer lending has successfully been establish in most developed countries, where it is rapidly strengthening its position on financial markets.

Global volume of peer-to-peer loans exceeded
100 bil. $
Net profitability of peer-to-peer loans in the world
6% - 10%
Annual growth of peer-to-peer lending market
85 %

Žltý melón was founded in 2012 and has successfully built on the development and experiences of p2p platforms in other countries. The emergence of p2p lending in Slovakia means that more people now have the opportunity to bypass the banks and benefit from a model of finance that cuts out the expensive intermediaries. People can now earn more money from their savings, while also helping other people borrow the money they need fairly and more cheaply than ever before. Žltý melón gives the benefits and profits of this revolution in financial serviceso the people, not financial institutions.

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